The party has long been over and reality has swiftly made her way back to remind us of all the resolutions we’ve made. It can leave even the most inspired reveler… overwhelmed.

Don’t let the pressure deflate your hopes for 2024! Instead, put on your headphones and remind yourself you have it in you to reach any goal you make for yourself – this year and every year after.

Read on for a few audiobook recommendations we pulled together to help you relight the fire of improvement for YOUR New Year.


For readers wanting better health in 2024…


Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging

Written by Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Ph.D & Christina Chen, M.D., narrated by Daniel Henning

Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging audiobook cover

Healthy aging isn’t simply a roll of the dice. Discover how to live longer and healthier with advice from a wide range of Mayo Clinic specialists.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too early or too late to focus on your health. This comprehensive audiobook covers a variety of topics including responding to personal risks, how to challenge the brain and body, healthy diet, physical activity, resiliency, retirement planning, and living a fulfilling life. Listeners also will find practical tips to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits in top shape. 

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Kingdom Ninja

Written and narrated by Daniel Gil

audiobook cover for Kingdom Ninja by Daniel Gil

World-class athlete Daniel Gil (a.k.a Kingdom Ninja) offers a behind-the-scenes look at being an American Ninja Warrior and shares his expert advice on becoming fit.

With practical guidance and plenty of encouragement, Daniel tells listeners how to stay healthy and motivated so they can live their best lives with faith as their foundation.  You may never compete as a ninja warrior, but you can train like one and become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually with this awesome audiobook!

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For readers wanting a new career in 2024…


Apprentice Nation

Written by Ryan Craig, narrated by Lewis Arlt

Apprentice Nation audiobook by Ryan Craig cover image

Ryan Craig’s Apprentice Nation is an accessible blueprint for a country where young Americans of all backgrounds can launch careers in tech, healthcare, finance, and more.

For a lot of people, college is not an affordable or practical option. Does that mean you can’t hit reset and find a new career or give yourself more tools to succeed? Absolutely not! Be inspired to “earn and learn” as you listen along to this accessible audiobook chock-full of information about apprenticeships and how you can pursue one of your own.

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For readers wanting more wealth in 2024…


The Witch’s Way to Wealth

Written and narrated by Jessie DaSilva

audiobook cover for The Witch's Way to Wealth by Jessie DaSilva

From Jessie DaSilva (dubbed “The Millennial Money Witch” by Forbes) comes an intuitive work sure to help audiences manifest more fruitful finances and build a fortune!

If vision boards have taught us anything, it’s that manifestation WORKS. This helpful how-to guide gives listeners the tools they need to… 

  • Feel safe with money and empowered to make it work for you. No more spending every dime you make or throwing money into debt cycles.
  • Feel joyful and abundant every day as making money shifts from a stressor to something natural, even fun.

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For readers wanting to declutter in 2024…


Nobody Wants Your Sh*t

Written by Messie Condo and narrated by Hillary Huber

audiobook cover for Nobody Wants Your Sh*t by Messie Condo

Inspired by The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, this audiobook will light a fire under your untidy ass with humor and organizing tips you’ll actually want to use.

Sure, it may sound harsh, but trust us… no one wants your porcelain figurines or those “unique” bedside tables you bought in 1987. Nobody Wants Your Sh*t dishes out the funny, unpretentious advice you need to hear most. Listeners will discover how to deal with their sh*t like there’s no tomorrow, live in the moment without the f*cking mess, and make their life (and eventual death) a hell of a lot easier!

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