Love is truly in the air… and it could be in your headphones too! 

No matter if you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day or not, we’ve got the perfect pairing for any audiobook lover. Read on for a list of our brand-new releases coming out this February 2024!


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The C*ck Down the Block

Written by Amy Award, narrated by Stella Hunter and Christian Fox
Releases Feb. 6!

Cock Down the Block cover

This curvy-girl and football-quarterback sports romance has a baddie plus-size woman who knows her own worth and a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family.

Look, I’ve had it bad for the girl with all the curves next door forever. She turned me down in high school and we stayed just friends for years. Now she’s the adorkable librarian next door, and I’m the star quarterback of the best pro football team in the league. When she asks me to be her fake date to her all-girls school reunion, I am totally down to show her off to the mean girls who bullied her back then. I’ll be the best boyfriend they’ve ever seen. The best fake boyfriend that is.

This title is the first installment in The Cocky Kingmans series!

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Hollywood Hustle

Written and narrated by Jon Lindstrom
Releases Feb. 6!

Set in the dark underbelly of the LA film industry, this propulsive and tense thriller by a Hollywood insider is perfect for fans of Alex Finlay and Jeffrey Deaver.

Winston Greene, a has-been film star, wakes one morning to find his six-year-old granddaughter at his bedside—traumatized, unattended, and gripping onto a thumb drive. She comes bearing video proof that her mother, Win’s troubled adult daughter, has been kidnapped by a murderous gang demanding all his “movie money” for her safe return. But what they don’t know is that his movie money is long gone.

Unable to go to the police for fear the kidnappers will make good on their promise to kill his daughter, Winston turns to two close friends—a legendary Hollywood stuntman and a disgraced former LAPD detective. The gang is willing to do anything to get the money they’re after and Winston begins to realize that to get his daughter back, he’ll have to beat the kidnappers at their own game.

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My Anti-Hero

Written by Tijan, narrated by Andi Arndt and Teddy Hamilton
Releases Feb. 8!

My Anti-Hero cover

This standalone opposites-attract sports romance features a Super Bowl champion and a young woman who helped bring down the infamous Midwest Butcher.

I shouldn’t have agreed to appear on a local news show. But here I am. Then I walked past his room – Brett Broudou, the Kings’ newest football star.

He made me see stars, literally, because the second time I saw him, I tripped. Or I would’ve, but he caught me, and the cameras were rolling. Soon, that clip will be trending.

The only special thing about me is the reason I was on the show – the survivor who helped bring down the infamous Midwest Butcher. Brett might not think he’s anyone’s hero, but he’s about to become mine.

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Neighbors and Other Stories

Written by Diane Oliver, narrated by Emana Rachelle
Releases Feb. 13!

An exceptional literary feat from a crucial once-lost figure of letters, this bold and haunting story collection examines the day-to-day perils of Jim Crow racism.

A remarkable talent far ahead of her time, Diane Oliver died in 1966 at the age of 22, leaving behind these crisply told and often chilling tales that explore race and racism in 1950s and 60s America. These are incisive and intimate portraits of African American families in everyday moments of anxiety and crisis that look at how they use agency to navigate their predicaments.

In this first and only collection by a masterful storyteller finally taking her rightful place in the canon, Oliver’s insightful stories reverberate into the present day. 

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Aliens, virtual reality, and dragons… oh my!

Our latest sci-fi, fantasy, and litRPG titles have something for any adventurer’s (or gamer’s) TBR. Below, we’ve shared some of our most anticipated new audiobook releases for February 2024!

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Written by James David Victor, narrated by Trevor Wilson
Releases Feb. 6!

In the third installment of the Sentinels sci-fi adventure series, Melias’s crew finds a weapon that can help them defeat the alien invaders known as the Lightbringers…

The only problem is they don’t know what it does or how to use it.

Can they protect the weapon and learn how to use it or will the Lightbringers bring the darkness of death to them and the galaxy?

If you like sci-fi adventures, space battles with complex alien invaders, and unexpected twists in humanity’s exploration of the stars, this could be your new favorite series.

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Past Crimes

Written by Jason Pinter, narrated by Ellen Quay
Releases Feb. 6!


Ready Player One meets Black Mirror in this stunning speculative thriller set in a future world where virtual reality isn’t just a game—it’s daily life.

The year is 2037, and nearly all human interactions have migrated to the virtual world. Now, true-crime fans can participate in hyper-realistic simulations and hunt for clues to solve the most famous and gruesome crimes in history. Criminal entertainment is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Cassie West licenses crimes for V.I.C.E., spending long hours convincing grieving families to allow her to sell their tragedies to the highest bidder. Life is hard and the cost of living is high, but she and her husband Harris have never been happier.

But when Harris doesn’t respond to her texts or calls one evening, Cassie finds herself in a fight for survival, becoming a target in both the real and virtual worlds. It’s not just her own life at stake; if Cassie can’t uncover the truth of what happened to her husband, thousands more may die…

Action-packed, satirical, and beyond compelling, Past Crimes examines our obsession with true crime and how the pain of others has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, while also exploring the sinister possibilities of the virtual world.

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Written by Jeff Noon and Steve Beard, narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies
Releases Feb. 13!

Perfect for fans of Mervyn Peake, the first book in this adventurous duology begins an epic journey through the sixty-mile-long ghost of a dragon.

In her heyday, Cady Meade carried people and goods from the thriving seaports of the estuary into Ludwich, the capital city. But that was years ago. Now she’s drunk, holed up in a rundown seaside resort, telling her bawdy tales for shots of rum. All that’s about to change, when two strangers seek her out, asking for transport, one of whom—a young girl—is very ill and in great danger, and the other, an artificial being of singular character, has secrets hidden inside his crystal skull.

So begins the voyage of the Juniper, but the Nysis is unlike any other river. Not many can navigate these channels; Cady used to have the necessary knowledge and the powers of spectral navigation, but this might well be her final journey.

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Written by Alan Dean Foster, narrated by Paul Bellantoni
Releases Feb. 20!


Rabbitlike aliens from outer space colonize Earth during humankind’s Second World War in a delightfully funny and thought-provoking science-fiction adventure.

The Quozl, a gentle extraterrestrial rabbit race, are searching for greener and less-crowded pastures. They discover a planet, Shiraz, not knowing it’s already inhabited by a species of violent sentient creatures known as humans.

In the midst of the brutal and helpfully distracting global conflict the Shirazians call World War II, the colony ship lands undetected, and the space rabbits immediately go into hiding. But a secret like the Quozl can be concealed for only so long, especially when rebellious members of the long-eared society decide the time is ripe to claim their place in a world they believe is rightfully theirs.

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