Let’s face it. The holidays can be a bit… stressful.

Audiobooks can help with that!

Are you facing a long drive over the river and through the woods this holiday break? Do you need something to listen to while wrapping ALL those Christmas gifts? Or maybe something to cozy up with by the fire after the in-laws clear out of the guest room?

No matter what your holiday looks like, we have the perfect listen for you! Read on for a full list of audiobooks to listen to over the holiday based on your holiday persona.


For readers who love holiday sweets…

Sugar Plum Poisoned 

Written by Jenn Mckinlay, narrated by Susan Boyce

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image Sugar Plum Poisoned by Jenn McKinlay

Foodies and mystery lovers alike will savor this festive culinary cozy mystery. 

This holiday season, things are heating up for the bakers at Fairy Tale Cupcakes.

When up-and-coming singing sensation Shelby Vaughn arrives in town for two weeks of concert dates, she hires her old friend Angie and the rest of the bakery crew to supply cupcakes for the VIP guest lounge every night. After overhearing Shelby in a heated argument with her manager, Mel is concerned, but she and the crew decide to make the best of their time working with the star.

Just as the bakers fall into the rhythm of the job, Shelby’s manager is found dead, clutching a bit of fabric from a Santa suit and a cupcake. With the bakery crew and Shelby’s backup dancers all dressed in similar Santa costumes, it’s impossible to say who is the killer. When all suspicions lead back to Shelby, Mel and Angie stand up for their friend, determined to prove her innocence before she’s frosted for a crime she didn’t commit.

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For readers who love a white Christmas…

Stalking Around the Christmas Tree 

Written by Jacqueline Frost, narrated by Allyson Ryan

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image Stalking Around the Christmas Tree by Jacqueline Frost

Tis the season to solve a murder…

In Mistletoe, Maine, during Christmas time, innkeeper Holly White is busy preparing for her wedding to Sheriff Evan Gray, running her business at the Reindeer Games Inn, and getting ready for the annual parade. However, the parade takes a dark turn when lead ballerina Tiffany is found dead on a float, with the Rat King’s mask nearby. Holly will have to spruce up her sleuthing skills if she wants to catch the killer before Christmas—and her wedding day.

Holly discovers that Tiffany had more than a few secrets. She finds out that the star of the show had a super fan that no one knows anything about. And the show’s understudy slips some other intriguing information Holly’s way: not only was Tiffany secretly seeing someone romantically, but there seems to be more than one rat in this company. When Holly discovers a secret passage leading to Tiffany’s dressing room, with footprints leading out, she wonders if this is evidence of a secret lover—or a stalking killer. With a snowstorm on the way, Holly must act fast to catch the killer and save Christmas.

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The Twelve Days of Murder

Written by Andreina Cordani, narrated by Ella Lynch

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Twelve Days of Murder by Andreina Cordani

Backstabbing, elitism, and fierce secret-keeping abound in this festive locked-room murder mystery. 

Twelve years ago, a group of eight friends ran an exclusive group at university called the Masquerade Murder Society that solved fictional mysteries—until their final Christmas Masquerade, when one of the group disappeared, never to be seen again.

Now, they’ve been summoned to Scotland for a Christmas-themed masquerade party reunion…

When they arrive, each friend is given new identity based on the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. They play the game until Lady Partridge is found dead the next morning, hanging from a pear tree quickly becoming clear that in this game the murder will be all too real, and the story is bringing long-hidden secrets to the surface. If the group hopes to win the game and survive until Christmas morning, they will need to face the truth about their history together and who they have become—and what really happened on that fateful night twelve years before.

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For readers who like to stay in during the holidays…

Lovelight Farms

Written by B.K. Borison, narrated by Pippa Jayne

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of Lovelight Farms by B. K. Borison

To save the Christmas tree farm, Stella enters a publicity contest and lies about being the owner and having a boyfriend… so her best friend Luka will have to do!

Lovelight Farms is a romantic comedy featuring a handsome freckled data analyst, a messy, optimistic Christmas tree farm owner, and a small town with the best hazelnut lattes on the East Coast. What more could you ask for?

This sweet and steamy romance is a holiday happily ever after and the first book in a series of interconnected standalone titles following the three Lovelight owners.

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Murder on the Christmas Express

Written by Alexandra Benedict, narrated by Mhairi Morrison

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of Murder on the Christmas Express by Alexandria Benedict

All aboard for…Murder on the Christmas Express!

Recently retired Met Detective Roz Parker boards the Christmas Eve sleeper to head home for the holidays, anxious and dreading her new role as grandmother upon arrival.

Violently thrown from her thoughts when the train derails, Roz finds herself stranded on the snowy tracks, where she finds a fellow passenger suspiciously murdered in a locked cabin. With the train stuck in snow in the middle of nowhere, a killer stalks its carriages, picking off passengers one by one. Unexpected alliances emerge as the passengers realize that those who sleep on the sleeper train may never wake again.

Can Roz identify the killer before anyone else is lost? And will she have to miss the birth of her first grandchild to solve the mystery?

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For readers who like to travel during the holidays…

The Twelve Books of Christmas

Written by Kate Carlisle, narrated by Kimberly M. Wetherell

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Twelve Books of Christmas by Kate Carlisle

The first-ever Christmas mystery in the beloved New York Times bestselling Bibliophile Mystery series!

Brooklyn and Derek receive a frantic phone call during their Christmas holiday from their dear friend Claire in Loch Ness, Scotland. The laird of the castle, Cameron MacKinnon, has just proposed to her and they want Derek and Brooklyn to be their witnesses. And while they’re visiting, Claire hopes that Brooklyn will be able to solve a little mystery that’s occurred in the castle library—twelve very rare, very important books have gone missing.

Once in Scotland, Brooklyn starts working on the mystery of the missing books but is soon distracted by all the noises she’s been hearing in the middle of the night. But when one of the guests is poisoned and another is killed by an arrow through the heart, Brooklyn and Derek know this is not the work of any ghost. Now they must race to find a killer and a book thief before another murder occurs and their friends’ bright and happy future turns dark and deadly.

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The Holiday Mix-Up

Written by Ginny Baird, narrated by Melanie Mendez

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Holiday Mix-Up by Ginny Baird

While You Were Sleeping meets The Wedding Date with a fun Puerto Rican holiday twist.

Lonely-hearted waitress Katie Smith has nowhere to go for Christmas and a huge crush on her gorgeous diner patron Juan Martinez. So when Juan asks Katie to pose as his girlfriend for holiday festivities at his family’s winery, Katie leaps at the chance…that is, until an accident lands Juan in a coma right after giving his folks the “news.” Katie knows she should tell the Martinezes the truth, but when they immediately embrace her, Katie is reluctant to let her fantasy of a family holiday go. And then there’s Juan’s brother, Mateo, whose smile tugs at her heartstrings just right—and who tells her perfect Juan might not be everything he seems.

Second son Mateo Martinez loves his brother, but Juan’s plan to “rebrand and expand” Los Cielos Cellars has cost their family too much and put its entire tradition in jeopardy. Katie seems to understand, but she’s still committed to Juan…even when Mateo starts to wish her gentle heart and beautiful smile were committed to him instead. With the winery at stake, secrets on all sides, and Juan due to wake up any day, can Katie and Mateo follow their hearts to a Christmas miracle, or will this mix-up ruin their chances?

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For readers who love to kiss under the mistletoe…

Amor Actually: A Holiday Romance Anthology

Written by Adriana Herrera; Zoey Castile; Alexis Daria; Diana Muñoz Stewart; Priscilla Oliveras; Sabrina Sol; and Mia Sosa

Narrated by Ramona Master & Gomez Pugh

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of Amor Actually, A Holiday Romance Anthology

It’s Christmas Eve in NYC when anything is possible. For these couples, it’s the season to find true love.

From second chances, big leaps, missed connections, and reconnections, this charming collection celebrates the spirit of the holidays and delivers nine perfect HEAs.

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My Ex-Mas Emergency 

Written by Jennifer Peel, narrated by Wayne Mitchell & Kim Churchill

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of My eX-Mas Emergency by Jennifer Peel

A sweet and swoony holiday romcom that will leave you feeling oh-so-merry and bright!

As Aspen Lake’s wild child, nobody ever expected Calista to become the hospital’s newest ER doctor. But when Calista’s niece Quinn begged her to come home, she couldn’t say no despite her vow to never return. Calista plans to stay out of trouble and avoid Tristan, the man she loves to hate and the reason she left.

But trouble starts to brew when her niece wants Calista to reconcile with her charming ex Tristan for Christmas. And since Calista will do anything to make Quinn happy, she agrees. Who knew that Tristan’s biggest regret was letting her go? It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for her to give him a second chance. Unfortunately for Calista’s plan, their chemistry could set a blizzard on fire. Now she has a major Ex-emergency on her hands. 

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It’s a Fabulous Life

Written by Kelly Farmer, narrated by Mia Hutchinson-Shaw & Pete Cross

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of It's a Fabulous Life by Kelly Farmer

Perfect for fans of Alison Cochrun and Ashley Herring Blake, this magical sapphic retelling of It’s a Wonderful Life will make the Yuletide gay. 

Bailey George is looking forward to finally taking a long-awaited vacation to New York City, but her plans are derailed when the volunteer who took over her leadership position for the town’s Winter Wonderfest falls ill. Bailey steps in to help, not wanting to let down the town, her friends, or her family. Bailey’s encounter with high-school crush Maria rekindles memories of their life-defining kiss under the mistletoe. Maria’s offer to help with Winter Wonderfest cheers up Bailey’s grinchy mood, thanks to her sunny disposition and holiday cheer.

However, one disaster after another snowball on the day of the festival. Bailey’s frustration boils over and vents her frustration on the town’s old bridge. She meets Clara Angel, a drag queen, who uses her magic to change Bailey’s perspective. Clara shows Bailey the beauty of Lanford Falls and how to achieve her dreams with hope and holiday spirit.

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It’s a Fabulous Life

Written by Talia Samuels, narrated by Emma Fenney & Kim Bretton

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Christmas Swap by Talia Samuels

Some love stories can’t be faked (but it’s fun when they start that way).

Margot Murray is a newly single, successful businesswoman with no interest in a cutesy seasonal romance after her breakup with her long-term girlfriend. Ben Gibson is an unlucky-in-love sweetheart in need of a woman to bring home for the holidays.

Together, they make a pact: Margot gets two blissful weeks away from London in a picture-perfect manor, and Ben gets a fake girlfriend for his holiday at home with his family.

Upon arriving to the manor, Margot meets Ben’s sister, Ellie, who is suspicious of the supposed relationship right from the start. Ellie intends to get to the bottom of their relationship, not being able to see how the two of them work as a couple. As Ellie and Margot grow closer, will Ben and Margot be able to keep the charade up, or will Margot and Ellie risk the chance at something real?

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For readers who still believe in Santa…

Dasher Can’t Wait for Christmas

Written by Matt Tavares, narrated by Laural Merlington

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of Dasher Can't Wait for Christmas by Matt Taveres

Another holiday classic in the making the New York Times bestselling creator of Dasher has crafted another delightful journey featuring everyone’s favorite reindeer doe, in a story full of giving, joy, and holiday magic.

There’s only one sleep left before Christmas Eve, and Dasher can’t contain her excitement for her favorite holiday! With the sound of Christmas carols on the breeze and twinkling lights radiating from a nearby city, she sneaks off to visit the festivities. But as night deepens and snow starts to fall, Dasher realizes she can no longer spot the North Star in the sky to lead her home. Will the kindness of a child, an unexpected gift, and a dose of Christmas spirit get her back in time to help guide Santa’s sleigh?

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How to Catch an Elf

Written by Adam Wallace, narrated by Mark Sanderlin

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

You’ve been waiting all year long, and now it’s finally Christmas Eve! Is this the year you’ll finally catch an elf?

Start a new Christmas tradition with this hilarious children’s book from the creators of the New York Times best-seller How to Catch a Leprechaun! This funny story is sure to become an instant classic, beloved by parents and children for many holidays to come!

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For readers who aren’t as merry-and-bright…

The Fright Before Christmas
Written and narrated by Jeff Belanger

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Fright Before Christmas by Jeff Belanger

This is a book for everyone who loves a little darkness around the holidays. 

Christmas time is truly the darkest and creepiest time of the year filled with devilish creatures lurking in the shadows waiting to get us. With The Fright Before Christmas, you can step into the dark roots of Christmas, full of monsters like Krampus, Gryla, and Tomten, with fears that the sun won’t rise again after the shortest, darkest day. 

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For readers who like a classic Christmas…

The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding

Written by Agatha Christie, narrated by Charles Armstrong

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot is asked to attend a Christmas celebration to apprehend a jewel thief who has taken advantage of an unwary Eastern prince.

Full of English holiday tradition and plenty of intrigue, this holiday tale first appeared in the December 12, 1923 issue of The Sketch magazine.

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A Christmas Carol

Written by Charles Dickens, narrated by Ralph Cosham

Must-listen Audiobooks for the Holidays - cover image of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The holidays would not be the same without the most famous Christmas story ever written. 

Marley was dead, to begin with…

… and yet, he manages to visit his old partner, the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, and send him on a transformative journey, led by three ghosts. First to his past, where he sees again the love he spurned, then to the present, where he sees those around him going about their holiday preparations, and then into his future, to see his just reward.

A Christmas favorite, it will warm your heart with favorite memories, and remind you how the true Christmas spirit comes from giving with love.

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