Spring is right around the corner and with it… spring cleaning.

Cleaning and tidying can be satisfying rewards all on their own, but not all of us enjoy the room-to-room tasks spring cleaning often entails.

If you’re someone who needs a little extra motivation to keep you going, consider the addition of an audiobook! A carefully selected listen can make a tedious chore so much more exciting and can mark a book off your TBR. 

Not sure what to pick up while you tackle dusting and mopping? No problem. Read on for a list of our brand-new releases coming out in March 2024!


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The Dredge

Written by Brendan Flaherty, narrated by David Bendena
Releases March 5!

The Dredge cover

In this debut novel, two estranged brothers must confront the violence of the past when they find out a pond where they played as children will be dredged.

After some traumatic teenage years in rural Connecticut, Cale and Ambrose Casey never thought they’d be in touch again and were glad for it—until they learned of a real-estate developer’s plan to drain and expand Gibbs Pond. Nearly thirty years before, the Casey brothers buried a secret in that pond, which fell somewhere between self-defense and family preservation.

Lily Rowe, the contractor in charge of the dredging, can also trace her roots—and her trauma—to the banks of Gibbs Pond. Now three haunted lives will collide once more as they reunite to unearth the devastation of the past.

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The Mystery Writer

Written by Sulari Gentill, narrated by Katherine Littrell
Releases March 19!

The Mystery Writer cover

From an award-winning Australian writer comes a twisty literary mystery about “the writer’s place in society and the power of the story to influence behavior.”

When Theo Benton abandons her career as an attorney and moves to the United States to finish her novel, she expects a few challenges. What Theo never expects is to be drawn into a hidden literary world in which identity is something that can be lost and remade for the sake of sales and readership.

She also doesn’t expect for her mentor, a highly successful author, to be brutally murdered and the police to finger her older brother, Gus, for the crime. Theo does the unthinkable to protect him. Then she disappears. But the writer has left a trail, a thread out of the labyrinth in the form of a story. Gus follows it only to inadvertently threaten the foundation of the labyrinth itself. To protect the carefully constructed narrative, Theo Benton, and everyone looking for her, will have to die.

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More Language of Letting Go

Written by Melody Beattie, narrated by Liz Cole
Releases March 26!

Make the journey from fear and control to letting go.

An excellent enhancement to therapy, More Language of Letting Go shares unsentimental, direct help for clients recovering from chemical dependency as well as healing from relationships and family issues. This new volume of meditations offers clients ongoing wisdom, guidance, and insights about relationship issues, the damaging effects of manipulation, healthy communication, and personal growth.

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LitRPG fans: this month is for you.

Whether you’re interested in classic sword & sorcery, comedic fantasy, or looking for something with plenty of cyberpunk action, we’ve got audiobooks for whatever gaming adventure you want to take on next in March 2024. 


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Immortality Starts with Generosity

Written by Plutus, narrated by J.S. Arquin
Releases March 12!

In this first-in-series title, a lost soul from Earth transmigrates into a world of cultivation and finds himself in the body of a playboy noble who is wasting his life.

Chen Haoran doesn’t have any memories, can’t let anyone know he’s not the same person, and is immediately involved in a conspiracy with another powerful noble family involving the downfall of a prominent young genius.

Luckily, he came to this world with a power: Whatever he gives to someone as a gift he’ll get it back 100 times better.

His first target? His new wife: the former top young genius.

Those who enjoy detailed world-building and slice-of-life will not want to miss out on this Xianxia progression fantasy series. 

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Seared, Book 5

Written by Robyn Wideman and Scribes of Sulterra, narrated by Rusty Mewha
Releases March 12!

The fifth and final installment in this exciting coming-of-age, progression, and cultivation fantasy series

With Sami’s life on the line, Jace and his friends race to find a cure for the soul spore and turn to Zurvan, the god of infinite time and space, for help.

Yet his price is steep: represent him at an out-of-time tournament against Divine and Ascended cultivators—and not only that, but win.

As Sami’s condition worsens and the Polypheme approaches, Jace has no choice but to accept. To fail would be to lose his friend and be defeated by the Polypheme. To win would be to grasp at a chance to send his cultivation to new levels.

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Warbreaker’s Rise: A LitRPG Adventure

Written by Troy Osgood, narrated by J.S. Arquin
Releases March 26!

In an instant, life as it was known is gone, replaced by a System called The Connection, which takes the bodies of the chosen survivors and Adapts them…

Lochlan Brady and his family were on their way home from a camping weekend when the Connection appears. He awakens with a new Adapted body and a goal: protect his teenage daughters and find his missing wife.

A chance encounter with mythical creatures forces the family to quickly confront their new reality, the changed world, and give Lock a jump in power. But with that power will come responsibility, more danger, and the attention of other beings in The Connected System.

Warbreaker’s Rise is the first installment in the Connected System series.

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