What goes bump in the night? That’s the age-old question.

Many people love to read creepy stories (us included), but it’s a different story when the sun goes down. As the shadows grow darker, suddenly that story that was giving you chills now gives you something else – a sense that you are not alone.

Was that the house settling you just heard? Maybe it was just the wind… or maybe…

Don’t be frightened. We’re almost positive it’s just your imagination.

Before you lock your doors or look under the bed, check out these 6 chilling audiobooks perfect for the darkest days of the year. Whether you choose to turn on all the lights or listen by the light of the moon, these tales will send a shiver up your spine…


Leave the Lights On by Liv Andersson, narrated by Mia Barron

Leave the Lights On cover

The title says it all – need we say anything more? Leave the Lights On is a twisty page-turner that features a woman fighting to hide her secrets as her life begins to fall apart.

With skeletons in every closet, this novel is perfect for you if you love scandalous family secrets and tense relationships.

Beatrice Wicker lives a seemingly perfect life with her husband in Cape Morgan, Maine. Despite his infidelity and her own secrets, they maintain their utopian façade until a kidnapping threatens to bring the carefully crafted walls of their “perfect” marriage crumbling down. But that’s not all. It would reveal her deeper secret: Beatrice Wicker is not who she claims to be.

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Let Him In by William Friend, narrated by Jodie Harris & Jonathan Johns

Let Him In cover

Haunted houses, creepy twins, demonic elements….what more could you want in a horror novel? Let Him In is a haunting story that touches on grief and family—while delivering a terrifying, mind-bending read perfect for fans of Alex North’s The Whisper Man.

When an imaginary friend turns insidious, a grieving father will have to contend with the nature of true darkness before he loses everything…

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Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine, narrated by Hillary Huber

Delicate Condition cover

If there are any American Horror Story fans here, then Delicate Condition is the perfect read for you as it’s the inspiration behind AHS‘s 12th season starring Kim Kardashian.

This thriller follows a woman convinced a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens.

An infuriating yet addictive read, Delicate Condition grapples with timely themes of women’s bodies, sexism in medical research, and “what it’s like for your body to no longer be your own” (Leah Konen, author of You Should Have Told Me)

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No Child of Mine by Nichelle Giraldes, narrated by Lauren Ezzo; Lindsey Dorcus; Mia Hutchinson-Shaw

No Child of Mine cover

It wouldn’t be spooky season without reading a classically scary and atmospheric horror novel. The Push meets The Haunting of Hill House in this dual timeline novel that explores a haunting and tragic love story.

When Essie Singh and her husband, Sanjay, move into their new home, they are confronted with a curse that threatens both their relationship and Sanjay’s life. And as Essie’s pregnancy progresses, both her and her husband’s lives are warped by a curse that has haunted her family for generations, leaving a string of fatherless daughters in its wake. Essie must confront the past and end the cycle of violence or risk losing her husband and damning her own daughter to the same fate.

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The Sight by Melanie Golding, narrated by Ella Lynch

The Sight by Melanie Golding cover

If you’re looking for something that’s a blend of psychological suspense and folkloric horror, then look no further than this carousel of thrills by Melanie Golding.

Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, this carnival-set thriller features a protagonist with a “gift”: the ability to see when and how people will die. With The Sight, Melanie Golding delivers a suspense-driven masterpiece with unforgettable characters and an ending that is sure to leave you stunned.

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Pre-Approved for Haunting by Patrick Barb, narrated by a full cast

teddy bear in a dark place alone with title Pre-approved for Haunting by Patrick Barb in white and red

If you’re anything like us and like reading before bed, then this collection is perfect for you. Full of quiet horror, weird fiction, slasher horror, supernatural horror, and everything in between, Pre-Approved for Haunting is the perfect read for those looking for short stories with a bite.

From rural backwoods to Park Slope brownstones, Patrick Barb’s characters face impossible, awful situations, testing their inner strength and understanding of reality. Pre-Approved for Haunting is a creepy collection of stories that spotlight familiar fears in new and unexpected ways.

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