Dreamscape Media, a renowned independent audiobook publisher and multimedia studio committed to delivering high-quality content, proudly announced a first-look audiobook agreement with Bloodhound Books, a dynamic independent publisher specializing in commercial fiction. The partnership aims to bring an exciting array of Bloodhound Books’ upcoming titles to the audiobook world, further enriching Dreamscape’s diverse catalog of award-winning audiobooks.

Under their new publishing partnership, Dreamscape Media – in coordination with Bloodhound Books and Hannah Whitaker at Rights People – will produce and publish a minimum of five audiobook titles per month from Bloodhound Book’s frontlist catalog, starting in April 2024. All audiobooks produced and published under the new partnership will receive global audio sales and distribution.

This collaboration marks a significant step for both Dreamscape Media and Bloodhound Books, aligning their shared commitment to delivering quality content and expanding the reach of compelling stories in the ever-evolving international landscape of publishing.

Dreamscape and Bloodhound Books have partnered previously on several audiobook titles, including the perennial international bestselling titles from Jeneva Rose, The Perfect Marriage, and Keri Beevis’s Dying to Tell.

“Dreamscape Media is thrilled to embark on this exciting venture with Bloodhound Books. By bringing their compelling fiction titles into the realm of audiobooks, we aim to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of these stories for our diverse audience,” says Sean McManus, president and publisher at Dreamscape Media.

Betsy Reavley, Director and Founder at Bloodhound Books, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “With a booming audiobook market, this opportunity has come at a fantastic time. Being connected to as many readers and listeners as possible is vital and this arrangement will introduce our books to new audiences. Having worked successfully with Dreamscape on many titles over the years, this new agreement will allow both the eBook and audiobook to be made available to readers simultaneously, which is brilliant news for our talented authors. Dreamscape Media has an unrivaled reputation, and we know our authors’ work is in the best hands.”

ABOUT DREAMSCAPE MEDIA: Dreamscape Media is an award-winning independent publisher that produces fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, book-based children’s read-along video programs, and offers audio publishing services to prominent independent authors and publishers through Dreamscape Select. Dreamscape strives to publish and distribute titles that both inspire and entertain listeners, readers, and viewers around the world. Titles are available to both library and retail channels in physical and digital formats. For more information visit https://www.dreamscapepublishing.com/.

ABOUT BLOODHOUND BOOKS: Bloodhound Books is a leading independent adult fiction publisher based in the UK. With expertise in design, editorial, sales and marketing we have a passion for great commercial stories. Bloodhound believes the key to success starts with being digitally-savvy. Bloodhound Books has published a number of international bestsellers and has sold in excess of 10 million copies worldwide. For more information visit https://www.bloodhoundbooks.com/