The Dreamscape team took a month at the beginning of this year to reflect on 2023, which was exciting on so many levels. First, it was a record-breaking year for our overall growth in many areas, including sales, title lists, and internal programs.

In 2023, we celebrated partnerships with numerous bestselling authors and award-winning publishers to create and publish a diverse collection of audiobook titles across the globe.


Also, we hope you like the new look and feel for Dreamscape! It was exciting to unveil our new logo and branding, which included a refresh of our website. For a recap of our success, we wanted to call out what we are especially proud of:

The past year underscored the ways in which Dreamscape can continue its role as an innovative publisher. The entire Dreamscape team remains resolute in its commitment to pursuing even more stimulating initiatives, publishing extraordinary titles, and collaborating with exceptional authors, narrators, filmmakers, and the entire collective that diligently contributes to each year’s success.

As we look forward, the Dreamscape team is poised for continued growth and endeavors in the ever-evolving landscape of the publishing industry.