The Dreamscape team is excited to have collaborated with the best-selling author, Samantha Chase, on producing audiobook editions for numerous cherished and popular titles from her collection.

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve reached a significant milestone in our partnership with Samantha Chase – our 50th audiobook together!

To mark this occasion, we sat down with Samantha to discuss her previous audiobooks, her favorite narrators, her upcoming book projects, and even glean some valuable advice for aspiring writers who dream of reaching their own 50th novel milestone someday.

First off, congratulations on your 50th audiobook with Dreamscape! We are thrilled to have gotten the chance to work with you over the years to produce some of these amazing audiobooks. What has been your favorite part of collaborating with Dreamscape to produce the audiobook editions of your titles?


Thank you so much!! Working with Dreamscape has been such an amazing experience. Every single person I’ve worked with (and there are a LOT of you) has just been so gracious and kind and totally patient with me when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing! Seriously, there has never been a question that wasn’t answered or an email that didn’t get a response. You are all the best!

Is there a specific audiobook (or several of them) that has a special place in your heart?

Kiss the Girla udiobook by Samantha Chase

Kiss the Girl (the final book in the Magnolia Sound series) was a very hard book for me to write because it dealt with the death of a dad who had a complex relationship with his kids. My father had passed away two months before I had to start writing the book so it was art imitating life. Hearing the audiobook was hard for me because of all the emotion that went into the book, but hearing it was also amazing because Carly Robins just nailed it. Every book is like a part of me and Carly has narrated so many of them, but this one felt like she saw into my soul and poured it all into her telling.

You’ve created so many memorable characters in your books. Do you have any that you especially love to write in particular?


Hmm…I really enjoy writing strong female friendships. I don’t know why exactly, but I kind of love having a heroine in a book who has either a best friend or a group of friends she can turn to. Her tribe. I know I don’t always include that in every book, but I feel like friendships are just as important to the characters as the romantic relationship.

After that, I LOVE writing a grumpy hero. Again, no idea why, but I love putting him in situations where his grumpiness is on full display and our heroine does everything she can to draw him out. It’s just fun to write!

Your 50th book with Dreamscape is A Merry Montgomery Christmas, which is a holiday ensemble novel of the Montgomery family that we’ve followed throughout the series, The Montgomery Brothers. How was writing this book different from the other books of the series?

A Merry Montgomery Christmas audiobook by Samantha Chase


Oh, my goodness, this book was a true labor of love because I got to revisit this family that I hadn’t been with since 2019! So we’re doing a time-jump for it and it was so much fun to take these couples and move them down the road to being married ten to twenty years, having kids, and dealing with some real-life stuff. Of course everyone’s still together, but I loved going back and remembering their little quirks and putting them back out there and figuring out how that looks in your forties and fifties. And because this is a holiday family reunion, there were literally fifty-two Montgomerys on the page! I wanted to give updates on each couple and their family, plus put them all in this giant retreat house and watch how they interact with all the pressures of being away from home AND the holidays. So writing so many characters and giving them each a storyline was more than I’ve ever done in one book.

Can you give us a sneak peek of upcoming novels that we can expect from you?


There are SO MANY MORE books coming! After A Merry Montgomery Christmas, we are going to start a new series in January of 2024. AND…it actually spins off of A Merry Montgomery Christmas. You’ll actually get the couples’ meet cute in it. The first book is called Irresistible Love and the series is called Wylder Love. We have three brothers – a musician, an athlete, and a financial whiz (who you’ll meet with the Montgomerys) – and I’m very excited about their series. But I digress…

So January is Irresistible Love (Wylder Love book 1)

In March we have Teasing You (Donovans of Sweetbriar Ridge book 2)

In May we have Wanting You (Donovans of Sweetbriar Ridge book 3)

July is Indescribable Love (Wylder Love book 2)

September is Undeniable Love (Wylder Love book 3)

And we’ll stop there because there is so much more planned, but I don’t want to overwhelm everyone!

You are such a prolific writer! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers who are looking to begin their writing career?


Write whenever you can.

Write whenever you have an idea.

Write what you love and don’t let anyone tell you to change it.

So many people think they have to write what’s trendy right now even when it’s not something they want to because they think it will sell. When you’re passionate about what you’re writing, it comes through, and readers can feel it. When your heart isn’t in it, your story and characters fall flat.

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