Readers looking for unpredictable stories and jaw-dropping twists will likely look no further than Kiersten Modglin, affectionately known as “The Queen of Twists” among her many fans. Dreamscape has worked closely with Kiersten for years, having already produced and published more than 15 of her mystery and thriller audiobooks, including the bestseller The Arrangement. To celebrate our long-standing partnership, we recently had the honor of interviewing Kiersten who opens up about her inspirations, shares her favorite audiobooks, and gives valuable advice for writers.

When did you start writing, and what inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember! For every Christmas and birthday growing up, I would only ask for notebooks and fancy pens. I spent so many hours filling those notebooks with stories. They’re still some of my favorite gifts to receive. As for publishing, I’ve been publishing since 2016! I think I’ve wanted to make this a career from the moment I understood that it was one. Books were such an escape for me as a kid. They were my greatest source of comfort and a way for me to travel and explore when I felt stuck in my tiny town. I wanted to give that gift to my readers too.

Dreamscape loves working with you on crafting your audiobooks! What is your favorite part about working on and then hearing the audiobook edition of your books?

The feeling is very mutual. It’s such a joy to hear my stories brought to life. I’m not a very visual writer, meaning I don’t see the scenes playing out, but I hear them instead. My characters each have distinct voices in my mind and it’s so exciting when my readers get to hear them too. Audiobooks are my favorite way to “read” my stories and get absorbed in them. The narrators I’ve been fortunate enough to work with are just phenomenal and it adds a whole new level to the story!

You got a chance to record an intro to The Prisoner (coming in October 2023!). What was your favorite part about being the studio?

I did! What an honor that was. The Messes Series is so special to me. For one, it’s my first series ever. It’s also the book series that brought me so many of my first and most loyal readers. I loved how intimate it felt being in the studio and being able to speak to my readers directly, some for the very first time. It was a way to say thank you and to let them know how much their support means to me. When I wrote the Letter to the Readers back in 2018, I had no idea what the future held and it was very emotional to go back and read those words knowing what I know now. I think I’ve made Kiersten of 2018 proud and that, along with the amazing readers who got me here, was what I remember thinking about most in that moment.

What are your favorite audiobooks?

Oh, that’s tough! I’ve listened to so many great ones. Some of my recent favorites are Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman, Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards, and The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf.

Do you have any advice for fellow and aspiring writers?

My two greatest pieces of advice are:

1. Write like no one will ever read it. Don’t worry about making the first draft perfect or wondering what people will think. Just write it for yourself and worry about everything else later.

And 2. You don’t GET time to write, you MAKE time to write. It’s so hard to find the time and space to write unless you schedule it into your day. Even five and ten minutes here and there can really add up. When I still worked a day job, I used to bring my laptop to work and write on my lunch break. I’ve written entire books that way!

You can find Kiersten Modglin’s collection of audiobooks here.