What are we thankful for? Great audiobooks of course!


Looking for an audiobook to keep yourself occupied during your travels home? Or perhaps something to listen to while baking your famous pumpkin pie? Maybe you just need something to help you wind down after your family gets to be a little too… much?

We can relate! So, we curated a list of audiobooks to listen to over the Thanksgiving holiday based on your Thanksgiving persona to help us all make it through the season.


For readers who come for the family drama…


Fellow Travelers
Written by Thomas Mallon, narrated by Christian Barillas

Soon to be an 8-episode series on Showtime/Paramount+ starring Jonathan Bailey (Bridgerton), Matt Bomer (Magic Mike), and Allison Williams (Girls).

In a world of bare-knuckled ideology and secret dossiers, Timothy Laughlin, a recent college graduate and devout Catholic, is eager to join the crusade against Communism. An encounter with a handsome State Department official, Hawkins Fuller, leads to Tim’s first job and, after Fuller’s advances, his first love affair. As McCarthy mounts a desperate bid for power and internal investigations focus on “sexual subversives” in the government, Tim and Fuller find it ever more dangerous to navigate their double lives while moving between the diplomatic world of Foggy Bottom and NATO’s front line in Europe.

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A Bright Heart
Written by Kate Chenli, narrated by Natalie Naudus

What if you could avenge your own murder?  In this YA tale of vengeance, court intrigue, and romance, Mingshin gets to do just that when she gets a second chance at life. 

Mingshin outsmarted three princes to help the man she loved become king. But she doesn’t see Ren’s betrayal coming, not until she’s lying in a pool of her own blood on the palace steps.

As she’s dying, Mingshin makes a desperate plea to the gods to turn back time and give her a chance to make things right. And her prayer is granted when she wakes up two years in the past. She swears two things: Ren will never become king, and she will never fall in love again.

But the timeline in this life has changed: a dignitary gifted with dark magic is threatening her kingdom’s peace, and Ren’s thirst for power runs deeper than Mingshin could have imagined.

She finds herself allying with Jieh, another contender for the throne. Mingshin knows better than anyone not to give her heart to a prince. But in the viper’s nest of the royal court, she and Jieh prove a phenomenal team. Can Mingshin avert the catastrophe of her past by once again learning to trust…and maybe even love?

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Hot Springs Drive
Written by Lindsay Hunter, narrated by Emily Ellet

Hot Springs Drive book cover

  • Library Journal, starred review
  • Kirkus, starred review 
  • Library Journal, starred review 

“The ‘Gone Girl’-style thriller you were waiting for is here.” – Washington Post

Hot Springs Drive is a dark, heart-pounding exploration of one woman’s deepest desires and how the consequences of betrayal can ripple outward beyond the initial strike point. In her third and fiercest novel, acclaimed literary voice Lindsay Hunter deftly peels back the fragile veneer of two suburban families and the secrets roiling between them.

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For readers whose favorite dish is a family classic…


10 Things That Never Happened
Written by Alexis Hall, narrated by Will Watt

More books set in the beloved Boyfriend Material universe? Yes, please! 

Sam Becker loves—or, okay, likes—his job managing a bed-and-bath retailer and gets on well with the band of misfits who keep the store running. However, the owner is an infuriating git.

Jonathan Forest should never have hired Sam. Determined to set things right, Jonathan orders Sam down to London for a difficult talk…only for a panicking Sam to trip, bump his head, and maybe accidentally imply he doesn’t remember anything.

Faking amnesia seemed like a good idea when Sam was afraid he was getting sacked, but now he has to deal with the reality of Jonathan’s guilt. As Sam and Jonathan grow closer, can Sam really bring himself to tell the truth, or will their future be built entirely on one impulsive lie?

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You Can Trust Me
Written by Kiersten Modglin, narrated by Pete Cross; Laura Jennings; Kelli Tager; Susan C. Hunter

You Can Trust Me book cover

For two happy couples, the cruise of a lifetime may cost their lives.

Mae’s annual beach trip falls on the anniversary of the worst day of her life. Her husband and best friend surprise her with a couples’ cruise, but Mae is uneasy due to some chilling memories from her past. A stranger causes confusion among the group, leading them to ask unsettling questions of one another. When tragedy strikes, and they end up  trapped on the ship as it ventures toward their first destination, the friends struggle to come to grips with their new reality. How do they stay safe when danger seems to be lurking around every corner?

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For readers hungry for something new…


The Last Close Call
Written by Laura Griffin, narrated by Stephanie Nemeth-Parker

The Last Close Call book cover

Can’t choose between picking up a romance or a thriller? For those looking for the best of both genres look no further than Laura Griffin who is one of the best romantic thriller writers out there. 

Her latest audiobook, The Last Close Call, is about forensic genealogist Rowan Healy who has made a name for herself by helping investigators trace the family trees of violent criminals who have eluded justice for years. 

Austin detective Jack Bruner has spent his career successfully tracking down vicious criminals—with the notable exception of the West Campus Rapist, a meticulous offender in Texas who has never been identified. When the latest two victims come to light, Jack sees his target is escalating his violent behavior—and only with Rowan’s help does he stand a chance of cracking this case.

Moved by Jack’s dedication, Rowan agrees to help. When her ground-breaking DNA research sheds new light on the criminal’s background and helps them zero in on a search radius, Rowan and Jack must race against the clock to find a ruthless killer who’s growing bolder the longer he evades the law.

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Mister Lullaby
Written by J.H. Markert, narrated by David Bendena & Lauren Ezzo

Mister Lullaby book cover

Fans of the Winchesters and Supernatural will find much to love in Markert’s chilling horror full of mythical creatures and beasts.  

Harrod’s Reach is a small town built around a train tunnel, where strange things happen. A young boy named Sully Dupree is injured in the tunnel and left in a coma. Deputy Beth Gardner finds two corpses with strange calling cards inscribed with old lullabies on them.

Sully’s mind, since the accident, has been imprisoned on the other side of the tunnel in Lalaland, a grotesque and unfamiliar world inhabited by evil mythical creatures of sleep. Sully is trapped there with hundreds of other coma patients.

The boundary protecting our world from monsters is weakening—and Mister Lullaby is about to break through.

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For readers who just come for the food…


Barbacoa, Bomba, and Betrayal
Written by Raquel V. Reyes, narrated by Frankie Corzo

A surprise trip to Miriam’s parents in Punta Cana quickly becomes a hunt for a possible property saboteur. But before Miriam can begin to uncover the person damaging the vacation rentals her parents manage, she’s called away to Puerto Rico to film a Three Kings Day special. She’s welcomed to the blue ballast-stone streets of Old San Juan by crime-scene tape, and things only get worse from there.

Luckily, her BFF, Alma, and their mutual friend, Jorge, are in town to keep her distracted between filming cultural segments for the network. But private chef tables and spa days come to an abrupt halt when Jorge’s telenovela heartthrob Novio goes missing. And there is something worrisome about Alma’s too-perfect boyfriend—specifically his duffle bag full of cash.

Will demon masks, African drumbeats, and dark alleys lead to Miriam’s demise? Or will the mysterious events come together like the delicious layers of a pastelón?

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Endangered Eating
Written by Sarah Lohman, narrated by Sarah Lohman

In Endangered Eating, culinary historian Sarah Lohman draws inspiration from the Ark of Taste, a list compiled by Slow Food International that catalogs important regional foods. She travels the country learning about the distinct ingredients at risk of being lost. Lohman’s journalism highlights indigenous communities, descendants of African slaves, native Hawaiians, and other marginalized custodians of our country’s culinary heritage.

Animated by stories yet grounded in research, Endangered Eating gives listeners the tools to support community organizations and producers that work to preserve local culinary traditions and rare, cherished foods.

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For readers who like to eat dessert first…


Sugar Plum Poisoned
Written by Jenn McKinlay, narrated by Susan Boyce

Sugar Plum Poisoned book cover

For those readers who immediately want to jump into Christmas, look no further than this festive culinary cozy mystery

This holiday season, things are heating up for the bakers at Fairy Tale Cupcakes. When up-and-coming singing sensation Shelby Vaughn arrives in town for two weeks of concert dates, she hires her old friend Angie and the rest of the bakery crew to supply cupcakes for the VIP guest lounge every night.

After overhearing Shelby in a heated argument with her manager, Mel is concerned, but she and the crew decide to make the best of their time working with the star. Just as the bakers fall into the rhythm of the job, Shelby’s manager is found dead, clutching a bit of fabric from a Santa suit and a cupcake. With the bakery crew and Shelby’s backup dancers all dressed in similar Santa costumes, it’s impossible to say who is the killer.

When all suspicions lead back to Shelby, Mel and Angie stand up for their friend, determined to prove her innocence before she’s frosted for a crime she didn’t commit.

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Red Flags
Written by Skye Warren, narrated by Leanne Woodward

Red Flags is the first book in a captivating new sexy romance series about a young woman who runs away with the circus and finds seduction and danger…

When Cirque des Miroirs comes to Forrester, Texas, 20-year-old Sienna Cole catches the attention of its owner, Logan Whitmere.

Logan Whitmere is full of red flags: secretive, commanding, and dangerous.

And Sienna is the town outcast who knows better than to trust him, but she’s desperate for a way out of her small town, and when he offers her a job as the fortune teller she grabs the opportunity. 

Their connection grows, but Logan has something that he isn’t telling her. And as the truth comes out, Sienna will have to confront her dark past. 

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A Court This Cruel & Lovely
Written by Stacia Stark, narrated by Tim Paige & Meg Sylvan

A Court this Cruel & Lovely book cover

Perfect for fans of Raven Kennedy and Carissa Broadbent, this enchanting slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romantasy features a ruthless mercenary and forbidden power.

Prisca lives in a world where just hours after humans are born, the gods take what little power they have in order to protect the borders from the fae.

Any human who manages to keep their power are known as the corrupt and they are burned. But Prisca is keeping a secret: she still has her magic. When her magic is discovered, she is forced to flee the life she has known.

To survive, she makes a bargain with a mercenary who had abandoned her once before. In exchange, she’ll help him and his mysterious friends sneak into the city, and he’ll help her learn to wield the power she always kept hidden.

But the ruthless mercenary is hiding secrets of his own, secrets that threaten the safety of everyone Prisca loves, that could tear this kingdom—and perhaps even this world—apart.

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For readers stuck at the kids’ table…


How to Catch a Turkey
Written by Adam Wallace, narrated by Nick Podehl

For the families that need to keep their little ones occupied, this Thanksgiving classic is the one to turn to. 

Thanksgiving time is here again, but there’s a turkey on the run! Can you catch this tricky bird and enjoy all the holiday fun? A turkey is running loose in a school right before a Thanksgiving play. Can YOU help catch it? Fun and chaos ensue as students turn their school upside down trying to catch the turkey, ending with a twist that ensures no turkeys are harmed (or eaten!).

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