There’s nothing better than coming out of a dark and cold winter to find that the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. For lots of people, spring means walks in the parks, gardening, bike riding, hiking, and the list could go on and on. Audiobooks are a great way to get some reading in while still enjoying those outdoor activities. 

Need a good audiobook to spring into? Read on for a list of our brand-new releases coming out in April 2024!

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The Library of Borrowed Hearts

Written by Lucy Gilmore, narrated by Leanne Woodward, Aven Shore, Joe Jameson, and Bob Ball
Releases April 30!

The Library of Borrowed Hearts cover

A.J. Fikry meets The Bookish Life of Nina Hill in this charming, hilarious, and moving novel about the way books bring lonely souls together.

Librarian Chloe Sampson has been struggling: to take care of her three younger siblings, to find herself, to make ends meet. She’s just about at the end of her rope when she stumbles across a rare edition of a book from the 1960s at the local flea market. Deciding it’s a sign of her luck turning, she takes it home with her—only to be shocked when her cranky hermit of a neighbor swoops in and offers to buy it for an exorbitant price. Intrigued, Chloe takes a closer look at the book only to find notes scribbled in the margins between two young lovers back when the book was new…one of whom is almost definitely Jasper Holmes, the curmudgeon next door.

And when she begins following the clues left behind, she discovers this isn’t the only old book in town filled with their romantic marginalia. This kickstarts a literary scavenger hunt that Chloe is determined to see through to the end. What happened to the two tragic lovers who corresponded in the margins of so many different library books? And what does it have to do with the sad old man next door—who only now has begun to open his home to Chloe and her siblings?

In a romantic tale that spans the decades, Chloe discovers that there’s much more to her neighbor than meets the eye. And in allowing herself to accept the unexpected friendship he offers, she learns that some love stories begin in the unlikeliest of places.

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Falling for Gage

Written by Mia Sheridan, narrated by Maeve York and Benjamin Sands
Releases April 23!

Falling for Gage audiobook cover

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mia Sheridan comes her next novel in the Pelion Lake series: a small-town friends-to-lovers romance.

Gage thought he left his days of one-night stands behind him, however, something about the gorgeous cocktail waitress in a town three hours away is far too intriguing. But when she shows up weeks later in his hometown, Calliope, pretending to be an art appraiser, Gage is completely blindsided—not to mention still very attracted to the (apparent) little liar. He can’t figure her out: not her angle nor the persistent pull between them.

Aurora “Rory” Casteel is determined to find her father. All she knows from her late mother is that he lives in Calliope and is an important part of the town. So when Rory’s gallery-owning friend offers to run cover for her while she sleuths around town, she jumps at the chance. But she doesn’t anticipate the man she spent one wild night with turning out to be a local. Sure, it puts a wrinkle in Rory’s plan, but she can work around Gage Buchanan. Even as it gets harder to pretend her heart doesn’t flip every time he’s in the room. She has a suspicion he isn’t everything he seems, but maybe it’s “perfect” Gage’s flaws that are what she’s really drawn to.

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We Loved It All

Written by Lydia Millet, narrated by Xe Sands
Releases April 2!

WE Loved It All cover

Acclaimed novelist Lydia Millet’s first work of nonfiction is a genre-defying tour de force that makes an impassioned argument for people to see their emotional and spiritual lives as infinitely dependent on the lives of nonhuman beings.

Drawing on a quarter-century of experience as an advocate for endangered species at the Center for Biological Diversity, Millet offers intimate portraits of what she calls “the others”—the extraordinary animals with whom we still share the world, along with those already lost. Humans, too, fill this book, as Millet touches on the lives of her world-traveling parents, fascinating partners and friends, and colorful relatives, from diplomats to nut farmers—all figures in the complex tapestry each of us weaves with the surrounding world.

Written in the tradition of Annie Dillard or Robert Macfarlane, We Loved It All is an incantatory work that will appeal to anyone concerned about the future of life on earth—including our own.

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The Stranger

Written by Kiersten Modglin, narrated by Saskia Maarleveld, John Pirhalla, and Traci Odom
Releases April 16!

The Stranger cover

A fast-paced thriller filled with filled with secrets, lies, and twists and turns.

Never trust a stranger…

But late at night and trapped in the middle of nowhere during a terrible snowstorm, Tibby and Walker have no choice.

With roads shutting down and cell towers out, running into each other and deciding to travel together could either be their saving grace or worst mistake. When they’re forced to take an unexpected detour and seek refuge in a roadside motel, the storm quickly becomes the least of their worries. A disturbing discovery in the motel, the questionable actions of the mysterious owner and fellow guests, and a news report about a missing couple in the area set the scene for a terrifying night, but the worst is yet to come.

Each stranger holds a secret, but which one should be trusted?

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Adventurers: this month is for you! 

  • Thrilling dystopian adventure? Of course!
  • Rollicking sci-fi adventure? Yep, we got it. 
  • Delightfully fun dark fantasy? Obviously. 

Regardless of what type of adventure you’re looking for, we’ve got audiobooks for you releasing in April 2024. 


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Sunken Spaceship

Written by Anthony Melchiorri, narrated by Paul Heitsch
Releases April 2!

Sunken Spaceship audiobook cover

Ex-Army paratrooper Griffin “Fin” Brooks thought he left danger behind when his battlefield injuries forced him to pursue a new career in marine biology. But one fateful night off the coast of South Africa, a ship nearly crashes into him and his loyal golden retriever, Jacques.

Not just any ship. A starship.

Though its alien pilot is dead, the rare extraterrestrial animal inside is not. Fin learns the creature is being smuggled across the galaxy when a pair of interstellar visitors respond to the crash. But those same investigators accuse Fin and his dog of crimes he didn’t even know existed. The only way to clear his name is to take the strange creature to its home planet and find out who’s responsible for killing the starship’s pilot. And that means Fin quickly needs to learn how to fly a spacecraft and navigate a galaxy teeming with intelligent life beyond his wildest dreams. And he’s not the only one with designs for the crashed starship and it’s cargo. Fin will need every skill he’s honed as a paratrooper and a marine biologist if he—and his dog—are to survive.

Don’t miss the next rollicking sci-fi adventure from Anthony J. Melchiorri. It’s perfect for fans of JN Chaney, MR Forbes, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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The Last Phi Hunter

Written by Salinee Goldenberg, narrated by David Lee Huynh
Releases April 9!

The Last Phi Hunter cover

Ex, the youngest member of the Phi Hunters Order, has spent his life slaying the ghosts and demons of Suyoram Kingdom. While he takes great pride in his mystical trade, collecting dwindling bounties and peddling butchered spirit organs lacks the glory he craves. He’s determined to hunt down Shar-Ala—a demon of nightmares, of madness—who has eluded even Ex’s masters.

In a provincial village along the way, Arinya, a charming Muay Boran champion, manages to save Ex from a brutal ass-kicking, despite being nine months pregnant. In return, she asks him to escort her through the dangerous spirit-filled forest, where ghosts salivate over the scent of the unborn.

Feeling responsible for Arinya’s safety, Ex vows to help her return home. But as more of Arinya’s secrets emerge and the elusive demon nears, Ex must face dangers from both men and monsters or lose not only the respect and sanctuary of his guild but also the woman he’s trying not to fall in love with.

The Last Phi Hunter is a mythic dark fantasy, equal parts smart, exhilarating, and delightfully fun.

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Switching Tracks: Out of the Trash

Written by Lena Gibson, narrated by Rusty Mewha and Angelina Rocca
Releases April 16!

Switching Tracks: Out of the Trash cover

Hop aboard this thrilling dystopian train-hopping adventure!

Life in SoCal in 2195 is controlled by a corporatocracy. Elsa scavenges twenty-first-century trash, living on the edge of starvation in this ruthless world through her grit and instincts. When she unearths a metal tube containing maps to six Doomsday seed bunkers and a silver key, she dreams of renewable sources of food and a life based on more than subsistence, but GreenCorps will stop at nothing to acquire her find. Accused of theft and beaten half to death, she escapes with a handsome train hopper. They seek the long-lost bunkers, hoping to break GreenCorps’ monopoly on food.

Along the way, they receive help from a teenage pickpocket, a solitary widow, and a rebel leader. If this rag-tag group of lonely misfits cannot reclaim the tube and find a way to distribute the seeds, GreenCorps will continue to choke out any chance of a better life.

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