Sherlock Holmes, Part 9

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Media Type:eBook
Classic Detective
Publisher:Public Domain
Page Count:184


A collection of short stories featuring beloved detective Sherlock Holmes Originally published in 1927, these short stories represent the fifth and final collection of Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales featuring Sherlock Holmes. Included are the following stories, originally published in Strand Magazine beginning in 1921 and stretching through 1927: The Adventure of the Illustrious Client The Adventure of the Blanched Solider The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone The Adventure of the Three Gables The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire The Adventure of the Three Garridebs The Problem of Thor Bridge The Adventure of the Creeping Man The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place The Adventure of the Retired Colourman Note: The original text contained wording and phrasing choices that represented outdated cultural beliefs related to race. Per the publisher’s discretion, this audiobook edition makes minor edits to these instances to avoid perpetuating racial prejudice and stereotyping. With these texts now available in the public domain, readers are free to view the original text via sources such as Project Gutenberg, Wikisource, or Faded Page.