Under Siege

No Finer Time to be a Faithful Catholic

Media Type:Audiobook
Social Issues
Narrator(s):Kelan Boyle
Publish Date:12/07/2021
Run Time:6 Hours, 39 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Decades as a Christian leader, most notably at the U.N. as president of the Center for Family & Human Rights, have earned writer Austin Ruse, once a Washington liberal with little faith, his share of defeats and triumphs. Perhaps most valuably, he has intuited keen tactical insights from his confrontations with the dark side of human nature. You come away from this groundbreaking book with the sense that Ruse knows the enemy better than the enemy knows himself. Ruse carefully examines how the anti-Christian forces gained power over every elite institution in America. He exposes their most deviant plans for the future. He then issues his authoritative call to arms, brilliantly arguing that there is no finer time to be a faithful Catholic. God Himself called each of us to live in this time and place, to contribute to the renewal of society and the Church, and to vanquish the enemies of civilization. Ruse argues that each of us is called specifically to this battle, and he provides a roadmap for fighting the major challenges American Christians now face. He identifies the vulnerabilities of the Leftists who appear so dominant today, and he pinpoints Catholicism’s most potent sources of resistance. More than anything, Ruse argues that, as dark as these days seem to be, future generations will look upon this generation with envy that they could not have been here with us in these dangerous times when everything seems so lost. Ruse lays it all out in this simple, balanced book.