Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Josh Hurley
Publish Date:02/15/2022
Run Time:12 Hours, 15 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Thatcher Renley is not ready to go to war. Ahead of him, a mysterious army of assassins and war criminals gathers for a surprise invasion, poised to make the first deadly strike. Behind him, a small group of dragonriders and a band of unlikely allies rush to assemble a resistance. As the darkness gathers, the divine rival that has haunted his steps from the very beginning finally emerges, ready to challenge Maldobar’s hard-won peace. And this time, she’s calling Thatcher out personally. Even with powerful allies like Jaevid Broadfeather, Jace Rordin, and Garnett ready to fight alongside him, Thatcher worries their forces won’t be enough to start an insurrection led by the Goddess of Mischief herself. But this battle might not be won with sword and dragonfire. Can Thatcher muster his courage and enough power to stop her? Or will the craftiness and spite of a vengeful goddess finally be the kingdom’s undoing?