A Bright Young Thing

Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Shiromi Arserio
Publish Date:09/07/2021
Run Time:11 Hours, 39 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


In 1931 England, Astra Davies defies all the conventions. Clever, witty, and determined, she smokes, drinks, plays a mean piano, and gallivants around London with her beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But she finds herself in a tight spot when her parents die suddenly, leaving her with a raft of debts. With few marketable skills and a closet full of family secrets, she has two choices: find a rich husband or make her own way. A fiercely driven woman like Astra is not about to cast her lot in with a man, especially out of desperation. And since the only man she fancies—Jeremy Harris, the Earl of Dunreaven—is as hard up as she is, her way forward is clear. But the path to independence is a bumpy one fraught with hazards and heartbreaking choices: a blackmailing socialite threatens to derail Astra’s reputation, a brainless business partner just might drive her even further into debt, and a series of bruising scandals dogs her every step of the way. From the bustle of London to the country estates of the aristocracy, Astra embarks on a journey that tests her brains, wit, and mettle as never before. But one way or another, Astra Davies is dead set on proving she’s no ordinary Bright Young Thing.