Media Type:Audiobook
Family & Relationships
Narrator(s):Jade Wheeler
Publish Date:07/25/2023
Run Time:11 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Eve loves living next to a forest because it means being close to her favorite baobab trees. Doing her best to imitate them, Eve practices patience. She feeds and shelters birds, just as her beloved trees do, stretching toward the sky as if her arms were branches. Eve longs to communicate with the leafy giants she admires, and while she can’t become a tree, she can contribute to the beauty of the forest—just like her dad and grandma before her—by nurturing her very own baobab seedling.

A companion story to Ken Wilson-Max’s Astro Girl, this thoughtful introduction to the concept of land stewardship and the joys of giving back celebrates reciprocity while honoring our connection to our own branching family trees.