Irish Village Mystery

An Irish Village Mystery Bundle, Books 4-7

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Caroline Lennon
Publish Date:05/09/2023
Run Time:37 Hours, 22 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


This edition includes books four through seven of the Irish Village Mystery series. Book 4: Murder in an Irish Pub When a poker player is found at the end of a rope, swinging from the rafters of Rory Mack’s pub, it’s up to Garda Siobhán O’Sullivan to call a killer’s bluff. Book 5: Murder in an Irish Cottage In a remote and superstitious Irish village, Siobhán must solve a murder where the prime suspects are fairies. Book 6: Murder at an Irish Christmas Siobhán’s holiday plans hit a sour note when murder rearranges yuletide carols into unexpected eulogies while she and her family are stranded by a snowstorm. Book 7: Murder in an Irish Bookshop The grand opening of a new bookstore in Kilbane becomes the closing chapter of an author’s life—and a whodunit that tests even Siobhán’s deductive reasoning.