The Water Outlaws

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Fantasy: Epic
Narrator(s):Emily Woo Zeller
Publish Date:08/22/2023
Run Time:19 Hours, 44 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Emily Woo Zeller’s fierce narration perfectly suits this sweeping fantasy retelling of the Chinese classic ‘Water Margin.’ […] Zeller voices glorious action-packed fight scenes with carefully intensifying pacing to keep listeners on edge. Her voice for Lu Da is particularly notable, hilariously melodramatic and bold. She’s sure to be among listeners’ favorite characters. As Zeller takes full advantage of relentless villains and compelling unexpected heroes, her kaleidoscopic voice enhances a large, dynamic cast of characters.” – Audiofile Magazine, Earphones Award Winner

Lin Chong is an expert arms instructor, training the Emperor’s soldiers in sword and truncheon, battle axe and spear, lance and crossbow. Unlike bolder friends who flirt with challenging the unequal hierarchies and values of Imperial society, she believes in keeping her head down and doing her job. But then a powerful man with a vendetta rips that carefully-built life away. Disgraced, tattooed as a criminal, and on the run from an Imperial Marshall who will stop at nothing to see her dead, Lin Chong is recruited by the Bandits of Liangshan. Mountain outlaws on the margins of society, the Liangshan Bandits proclaim a belief in justice—for women, for the downtrodden, for progressive thinkers a corrupt Empire would imprison or destroy. They’re also murderers, thieves, smugglers, and cutthroats. Apart, they love like demons and fight like tigers. Together, they could bring down an empire.