Trouble in Paradise!, Part 3

The Girl With the Dragonfruit Tattoo

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Elizabeth Cottle
Publish Date:02/28/2023
Run Time:9 Hours, 36 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


On the tropical island of Paraiso, Plum Lockhart has a new zest for life. Not only is her new villa rental company growing like a weed, but things are also finally heating up between her and the handsome Director of Security at Las Frutas Resort. Plum’s thrilled when she gets an invite to dinner on the yacht of a wealthy music executive, grateful for a luxurious night on the water, surrounded by A-listers. But days later, one of the servers from the yacht—a girl with a dragonfruit tattoo—washes up dead, and Plum’s sweet bit of paradise quickly goes rotten. As the yacht prepares to set sail across the Caribbean, Plum hops onboard. But the zest laid plans turn deadly as it becomes clear that someone on the boat is a murderer…and Plum may be the next victim.