Dragon Isle Wars, Part 2

Queen of Legends

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Fables, Fairy Tales & Myths
Narrator(s):Katherine Littrell
Paul Bellantoni
Publish Date:01/31/2023
Run Time:8 Hours, 14 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


With nowhere to go and price on her head, Wren goes into hiding and joins forces with the Kingdom of Myths to destroy the corrupt elf king and reclaim her kingdom, but it comes with a price: killing her husband. Prince Arrik swore to never fall in love, let alone with a human with vengeance in her eyes and fire in her soul. Yet, despite all his well made plans, he can’t seem to let her go—even if it means revealing his secrets to secure his queen and crush his father. As a twist of fate throws Wren back into the clutches of her devilish husband, she much forge a path forward that could lead to heartbreak, blood, or redemption. Passionate and heart pounding, Queen of Legends is an enemies-to-lovers arranged-marriage romantic fantasy with dual point-of-view (his and hers). The Dragon Isle Wars trilogy is inspired by tales of Beauty and the Beast, Vikings, and Reylo. It’s perfect for readers who love Glint, A Deal with the Elf King, and The Bridge Kingdom.