Tea Time Cozy Mysteries, Part 3

Teas, Keys, and Mysteries

Media Type:Audiobook
Cozy Mysteries
Narrator(s):Mary Cross
Publish Date:01/31/2023
Run Time:2 Hours, 11 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Marcy’s Tea Room owner Laney Powers is excited to accept an award from a prestigious magazine and is too distracted by running her now booming business to be nervous about her upcoming interview. Before the reporter and his photographer arrive in her charming new hometown of Iberden, Vermont, one of the tearoom’s elderly patrons is discovered dead in the rose garden. As if Laney didn’t have enough fires to put out, she also discovers that there are questions about the full ownership of the tea room. With the clock ticking, an investigation in full swing, and Laney worrying about losing everything that she and her late grandmother built, the reporter arrives, bringing with him a mysterious object and more questions than answers. Can she solve the crime and save the tearoom? Grab a cup of tea and snuggle in to find out in this delightful Culinary Cozy Mystery!