Feed Them Silence

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Narrator(s):Natalie Naudus
Publish Date:03/14/2023
Run Time:4 Hours, 18 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“The audiobook is exceptionally narrated by Natalie Naudus, who flawlessly conveys the growing feeling of unease as Sean becomes one with the wolf’s mind.” – Erin Cataldi, Library Journal

What does it mean to be-in-kind with a nonhuman animal? Or, in Dr. Sean Kell-Luddon’s case, to be in-kind with one of the last remaining wild wolves? Using a neurological interface to translate her animal subject’s perception through her own mind, Sean intends to chase both her scientific curiosity and her secret, lifelong desire to experience the intimacy and freedom of wolfishness: to see the world through animal eyes; smell the forest, thick with olfactory messages; even taste the blood and viscera of a fresh kill; and, above all, to feel the belonging of the pack. Sean’s tireless research gives her a chance to fulfill that dream, but pursuing it has a terrible cost. Her obsession with work endangers her fraying relationship with her wife. Her research methods threaten her mind and body. And the attention of her venture capital funders could destroy her subject, the beautiful wild wolf whose mental world she’s invading.