Media Type:Audiobook
Family & Relationships
Narrator(s):Shakira Shute
Penelope Rawlins
Publish Date:11/15/2022
Run Time:8 Hours, 17 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


When Hannah met David, it was love at first sight. They were married quickly, but she knew it was the right choice. They’re always laughing, the passion is unmatched, and they want the same things. Most of all, they both want a family. For David, it’s doubly important. He tragically lost his first wife, Katherine, several years before. Hannah is, he says, the person who saved him from his grief. Although his friends worried he was moving on too fast, and Hannah sometimes still feels a strange jealousy towards his first wife, deep down she knows she’s meant to be his happily-ever-after. Even so, when Hannah discovers she can’t have children, she’s worried it will fracture their relationship. Family is so important to both of them. Surely, she reasons, there must be a way. And then David tells her there is. He never told Hannah because he hoped they’d have a child of their own. But just before Katherine died, she went through fertility treatment. Her eggs—now frozen in a clinic—legally belong to David. Hannah wants nothing more than to be a mother. But even if it means she and David can have the child they’ve always dreamed of, can she really carry Katherine’s baby?