The Single Dad

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Summer Morton
Tor Thom
Publish Date:11/15/2022
Run Time:10 Hours, 26 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Most college-aged girls go to Europe to experience their sexual awakening. All I had to do was go home. Ford Dalton isn’t the kind of man I’d look at twice—because I can’t stop looking at him at all. We can’t take our hands off each other in the bar. Back at his house, it’s our lips. And in his bed? There isn’t a single part of us that’s not on fire. One night would never be long enough for Ford to show me every delicious thing he can do to my body. But there’s something he’s keeping from me: he’s already met the love of his life, his daughter Everly. And there’s something I’m keeping from him: I just applied for the job of my dreams, being Everly’s new nanny.