Media Type:Audiobook
Psychological & Thriller
Narrator(s):Helen Day
Publish Date:09/27/2022
Run Time:8 Hours, 19 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Lydia Palmer seems to have it all—a thriving business, a beautiful house, a picture-perfect husband, and two wonderful kids. But things are different behind closed doors—Lydia is desperately unhappy and wants a divorce. Then, shockingly, her husband, Adam, dies. When her grief eases, Lydia starts online dating and almost immediately meets Patrick. Handsome, successful, and loving, he’ll make the perfect second husband. But is Patrick too good to be true? Can you really find prince charming online? These are questions Lydia is forced to ask when her world begins to collapse. First, the police say Adam may have been murdered. Then, her daughter turns against her, and her business disintegrates. Lydia is convinced that someone is trying to destroy her happiness. But she’s wrong—they want so much more than that…