Hewey Calloway, Part 4

The Unlikely Lawman

A Hewey Calloway Adventure

Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):George Guidall
Publish Date:08/02/2022
Run Time:5 Hours, 43 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Rascally cowboy Hewey Calloway is heading north to Colorado on a horse drive for an old friend when he gets word that one of his hired hands is planning to rob him. After the plot is foiled, the fugitive horsehand is on the run and leaving bodies in his wake. Hewey, the worst pistol shot in the West, is deputized to bring the criminal to justice, bestowing him with a weight of responsibility he’s long avoided and leaving him to wonder if even the help of a retired Texas Ranger is enough to put an end to this trail of dastardly deeds. Steve Kelton’s The Unlikely Lawman will transport you to an Old West full of duplicity, gunfights, and, of course, plenty of cowboys and robbers.