SYLO Chronicles


The SYLO Chronicles #2

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Science Fiction
Narrator(s):Andrew S. Bates
Publish Date:03/25/2014
Run Time:12 Hours, 14 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


After a harrowing escape from Pemberwick Island, Tucker Pierce and his surviving friends have finally reached the mainland only to find that no one is left. Moments before they are attacked by another of the mysterious black planes, they investigate one’s wreck and are horrified to find that the United States is at war with itself – the deadly technology of the Air Force against the brute force of the Navy’s SYLO unit. Tucker must lead his friends to safety, but his head is spinning. How can the Air Force be perpetuating such genocide against its own citizens? What is SYLO’s role in this, and why did Tucker’s parents betray him by allying with SYLO? Tucker, Tori, and friends set off cross-country on a quest for answers.