Stay Until Dawn

A Redemption Novel

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Angel Cochrane
Publish Date:08/15/2017
Run Time:11 Hours, 8 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Georgia Williams had traveled a hard road from being a sheltered preacher’s daughter to becoming a struggling single mother. Determined to build a more secure future for her baby girl, she takes a job as a night nurse at Jericho Military Hospital. But her precarious world shifts yet again when she meets her newest patient. A Marine who nearly died fighting for his country, Lieutenant Christian Howard is a man of duty, honor, and deep desires. Something about the scarred war hero touches Georgia, awakening feelings she’s tried to keep hidden. One passionate night together changes everything, erupting with consequences neither of them could have foreseen. Now Georgia faces the most momentous decision of her life. Should she trust Christian-a man she barely knows-with devastating secrets from her past? Could this be a love that will heal and save them both?