Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Science & Technology
Study Guides
Narrator(s):Peter Noble
Publish Date:11/06/2018
Run Time:12 Hours, 2 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


As thinking machines make more decisions on our behalf, they can enrich, enable, and influence our lives. Whether in medicine, money, or love, technologies powered by forms of artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. How do we ensure they make the most beneficial choices for us? And if one person benefits at another’s expense, who gets to decide what’s best? The increasing use of AI raises critical questions about our values, cultures, economies, and power relationships. And the answers may depend upon your race, gender, age, behavior, and nationality. In clear and accessible prose, Olaf Groth and Mark Nitzberg explore the history of intelligent technology, revealing how close we are to designing machines that have some sort of consciousness—and that we must now decide how to give those machines a conscience. Simultaneously thrilling and provocative, Solomon’s Code raises difficult questions that need to be considered given the speed of technological development.