Miss Dimple Kilpatirck

Miss Dimple Suspects

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Mystery & Thriller
Cozy Mystery
Narrator(s):Pam Ward
Publish Date:01/29/2013
Run Time:7 Hours, 34 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


With the country in the midst of World War II, you can be sure that the small town of Elderberry, Georgia, will pull together to find a missing child. And you can be equally certain that first-grade teacher Miss Dimple Kilpatrick will be in the rescue party – especially since Peggy Ashcroft is one of her students. Miss Dimple carves out a search path all her own and, once again, the sharp-as-a-tack teacher is right on point. She finds Peggy in the woods, but the child is too sick to walk and it’s too difficult for Miss Dimple to navigate the uneven terrain in the dark. Luckily, she comes upon the home of an elderly artist, Mae Martha, and her young companion, Suzy, who help ensure that Peggy returns home safe and sound. A few days later, however, Miss Dimple receives a frantic call from Suzy: Mae Martha has been murdered and Suzy is considered the most likely suspect because her family is Japanese. Miss Dimple and her fellow teachers, Annie and Charlie, don’t buy it and set out to prove Suzy’s innocence, only