St. Just Mysteries

Death at the Alma Mater

A St. Just Mystery

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Mystery & Thriller
Cozy Mystery
Narrator(s):Davina Porter
Publish Date:05/07/2013
Run Time:8 Hours, 16 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


St. Michael’s College, Cambridge, is prestigious, stately – and in frightful disrepair. To replenish its dwindling coffers, the College’s Master holds a fundraising weekend for wealthy alums. But all goes awry when the glamorous – and despised – Lexy Laurant is found strangled on the grounds. There’s a lengthy list of likely suspects: Lexy’s debt-ridden Latino lover, her titled ex-husband who left her for another woman, and a garrulous oil-rich Texan with something to hide, among others. As Detective Chief Inspector St. Just weighs clashing egos, he discovers unsavory secrets…and a most shocking twist.