Building Celebration House

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Fantasy: Paranormal
Narrator(s):Teri Clark Linden
Publish Date:09/17/2020
Run Time:5 Hours, 46 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Carrie Hansen won’t let her failing health stop her from fulfilling her own last wish. Vowing to transform an aging plantation house into a beautiful wedding venue, she plans to live out her last days celebrating happiness. But between renovation problems and family interference, Carrie fears she’ll never see anyone walk down the aisle.Civil War soldier Thomas Gentry took his final breath back in 1861 and has been haunting the crumbling manor ever since. So when the new owner messes with his routine and starts renovating the place, he vows to preserve the status quo. But his frustration melts as his heart is struck by her beauty and passion…With the support of the ruggedly attractive ghost, Carrie makes progress on the house while fearing for the unlikely couple’s impractical future.With time running out, will Carrie celebrate her own happy ending?