Anthem of the Dwarf King

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Fantasy: Paranormal
Narrator(s):Austin Rising
Publish Date:08/25/2020
Run Time:6 Hours, 12 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Finn, Penny, and Mila are melding as a team, but the cost of victory is mounting: hellhounds, ass whoopings, and a few random deaths. It’s been a long day.What would the Duke do?The Dark Star already snatched the damaged Anthem away before the Huldu could destroy the ship.Can the bad guys put it back together and finish us off?Finn is determined to stop them and get his ship back, but it’s being stored at the bottom of a lake—and everybody knows Dwarves hate water.There’s also the wrinkle of a bounty on their heads. Nice one, Dark Star!