Maggie Black Case Files, Part 3

The Defector

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Mystery & Thriller
Narrator(s):Lucy Brownhill
Publish Date:09/03/2019
Run Time:3 Hours, 7 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


In the aftermath of a horrific terrorist attack in London, secret agent Maggie Black is sent to Paris to stop the culprits from striking again. Struggling with grief from a recent personal loss, Maggie’s mission is about more than serving her country. She wants revenge against the home-grown terrorists who shook London to its core. With the help of a certain ex-agent turned rogue Scotsman, Maggie must race against time before Paris and its people meet the same fate. From the glitz and glam of the city’s elite social circles to the rough and ready streets of the outer ghettos, Maggie must track down the terrorists before they ring in the new year with a literal bang. But the clock is ticking, and Maggie must decide if she can trust someone from inside the enemy camp.