Dan Grant and Jayne Brett , Part 3

The Innocent Ones

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Mystery & Crime
Narrator(s):Johnny Heller
Publish Date:01/14/2020
Run Time:9 Hours, 23 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


By day, the park rings with the sound of children’s excited laughter. But, in the early hours of the morning, the isolated playground is cloaked in shadows—the perfect hiding place to conceal a brutal murder. When London journalist Mark Roberts is found battered to death, the police quickly arrest petty thief Nick Connor. Criminal defense lawyer Dan Grant along with investigator Jayne Brett are called to represent him—but with bloody footprints and a stolen wallet linking him to the scene, this is one case they’re unlikely to win. But then help comes from an unlikely source: the murder victim’s mother says that Connor is innocent, begging Dan and Jayne to find the real perpetrator. Unraveling the complex case means finding the connection between Mark’s death and a series of child murders in Yorkshire over twenty years ago. A father of two, Rodney Walker has spent years in prison after being convicted of killing six-year-old William and seven-year-old Ruby back in 1997. But when Mark Roberts gets on the trail of the story, convinced that Walker is innocent, he exposes secrets that have long been buried—secrets so dark, someone will kill to keep them hidden.