Detective Rozlyn Priest, Part 1

Bury Me Deep

Media Type:Audiobook
Psychological & Thriller
Narrator(s):Jodie Harris
Publish Date:05/17/2022
Run Time:10 Hours, 44 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Theadingford dig site, present day. Detective Rozlyn Priest never expected to find herself here. Teetering on the brink of an ancient grave. She takes a breath, willing herself to look down. Old bones, broken relics—that’s what should be buried here, not the dead man staring back at her now. He is Charlie Higgins, a petty criminal Roz once called on for help. Is she the reason he’s dead? Slashed with a spear that belongs in the Dark Ages? Roz won’t rest until she finds the truth. But her investigation is leading nowhere. And now she’s seeing things—visions of a flame-haired Saxon warrior who shares her thirst for justice. But just how much deeper is Roz prepared to dig? Slipping effortlessly between two intertwining mysteries, Jane Adams has crafted a police procedural like no other. Her unique blend of intrigue, mystery, and history will captivate fans of Kate Mosse, Barbara Erskine, Alex North, Ruth Ware, Bridget Collins, Jessie Burton, Mark Edwards, and Stephen King.