Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Mysteries & Thrillers
Narrator(s):Dara Rosenberg
Publish Date:12/31/2020
Run Time:12 Hours, 50 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Sophia Beaufont hopes that she can turn an enemy into an ally. She just has to track down the steampunk cyborg. The problem is that Trin Currante thinks the Dragon Elite want her dead. And she’s excellent at avoiding death—as her history of surviving and prevailing over adversity has shown. Meanwhile, Hiker still struggles to hone his powers… Regardless of his strength, Ainsley doesn’t show signs of softening toward the leader of the Dragon Elite. If anything, he should fear the housekeeper might poison his next meal. While dragon eggs continue to hatch, magicians are going missing worldwide. The House of Fourteen is losing credibility with governments. Chaos is spreading around the planet. And Sophia suspects that the Saverus Corporation is behind everything.