Tell Me My Name

Media Type:Audiobook
Psychological & Thriller
Narrator(s):Teri Schnaubelt
Publish Date:10/03/2020
Run Time:7 Hours, 55 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Ellie and Neil Patterson are eager to enjoy some quality time at their new cottage. It’s the first time in ten years they’ve been alone…or are they? When a friendly encounter leads to their violent kidnapping, they awaken to a living nightmare. Insisting he is Ellie’s soulmate, the stranger gives her three chances to say his name. If she guesses wrong, it’s Neil who will suffer the consequences. This propels Ellie into a desperate trip down memory lane to dredge up the dubious men of her past. Only after discovering the man’s true identity and sacrificing her own safety to save Neil does Ellie finally learn the truth: everything she thinks she knows about her husband and their decade-long love story is a lie.