Media Type:Audiobook
Psychological & Thriller
Narrator(s):Emer Heatley
Publish Date:06/18/2024
Run Time:10 Hours, 11 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Grace Murphy doesn’t seem like the type of woman who’d have a man cable-tied to a chair, slowly dying in her house. She keeps to herself and goes through life relatively unnoticed, working as a barista and caring for her sister, providing her with wholesome meals and a clean home—things they never had as children…

Det. Garda Jerry Hughes knows about Grace’s brutal and troubled childhood; his own life was profoundly affected by it.

Jerry still checks in on the sisters from time to time. But at the moment, he’s distracted by work. Men have been going missing in the city—and they seem to have nothing in common aside from a physical resemblance to someone from Grace Murphy’s past…