The Curse of Saints, Part 2

The Curse of Sins

Media Type:Audiobook
Dark Fantasy
Narrator(s):Devon Sorvari
Publish Date:06/25/2024
Run Time:20 Hours, 13 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


After discovering she is the Second Saint fated to save her realm, Aya’s duty should be clear: return to her home kingdom to serve her Queen, Gianna, in the coming war against the kingdom of Kakos, whose pursuit of dark magic could bring the realm to its knees.

But with Aya unsure of how her power is to defeat dark magic and suspicious of just how far Gianna will go to stop Kakos, it isn’t long until Aya’s very purpose is brought into question. Can she and Will, her blood-sworn enemy-turned-ally, find the truth before dark magic consumes her realm entirely?

And with betrayal lurking around every corner, is there anyone Aya can truly trust?