The Arsenic Eater’s Wife

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Penelope Rawlins
Publish Date:06/25/2024
Run Time:10 Hours, 24 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


A woman is accused of killing her husband, but is she guilty? Inspired by a true historical case, this spellbinding novel will keep you guessing until the final heart-stopping revelation…

I’m on trial for the murder of my husband William. But no one knows the truth about my marriage.

I sit in the dock each day and listen to them tell their lies. That William wasn’t taking arsenic, that he was a nobleman who would never hurt anyone. That I’m a cunning, deceitful woman who should hang for what I’ve done.

Everyone betrayed me. My best friend, the family, the servants. Even my lover.

They think because I purchased arsenic that I’m the one who poisoned him. They think I’m dangerous. They think I’m mad.

But when this trial is over, it will only be the beginning. Because I won’t rest until I get my revenge, even if I must claw myself from an unconsecrated grave to do it…