George Smiley, Part 6

The Honourable Schoolboy

Media Type:Audiobook
International Mystery & Crime
Narrator(s):Simon Vance
Publish Date:07/09/2024
Run Time:20 Hours, 31 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Not a page of this book is without intelligence and grace.” —The New York Times

The mole has been purged from the Circus, and George Smiley, newly-made chief of the agency, has both rebuilding and revenge in his sights. To fully eradicate the threat, Smiley must trace back the treachery to its very roots.

When his investigation leads him to Hong Kong—and what appears to be a dead end—Smiley enlists Jerry Westerby, an international sports journalist and “occasional” Circus asset. In the Far East, Westerby will have to untangle a web of corruption spread across a region with a reputation for testing loyalties and allegiances.

The Honourable Schoolboy, sequel to the best-selling Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, continues Smiley’s hunt for the Soviet spymaster Karla. With a richly drawn plot and characters that are destined to be “burned on the brain of the reader” (The New York Times), the sixth George Smiley novel serves as both thriller and gripping examination of the costs of espionage.