Witch Cats of Cambridge, Part 4

To Conjure a Killer

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Hillary Huber
Publish Date:06/18/2024
Run Time:8 Hours, 22 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


It’s kitten season in Cambridge, and the results can be murder.

Becca Colwin is coming home from her job at Charm and Cherish when she sees a tortoiseshell kitten run down an alley—leading to a dead body.

As a connection between Becca and that corpse is confirmed, Becca comes under suspicion—and is dragged into a cyberware scandal, thanks to her cheating ex, Jeff. The unfaithful computer geek and his high-powered investor were working on stealth software designed to record and transmit personal data—a new form of spyware that would be of interest to everyone from the police and security agencies to cybercriminals. And when Jeff’s former friends and colleagues approach her, Becca finds the police aren’t the only ones watching her.

Meanwhile, Becca is sheltering the little tortie, who seems to have some powers of her own, much to the dismay of her three resident cats. These powers may help Becca discern friend from foe, solve the murder, and clear her name—with the help of her mystical feline friends.