Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Esther Wane
Publish Date:06/05/2024
Run Time:7 Hours, 51 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


One villa. Two families. A holiday they will never forget…

The discovery of a dead body in the pool of a French holiday home, sends tensions skyrocketing in this intense new novel from the author of The Bad Wife.

Hannah and Lizzie have never been close but, following the recent death of their mother, the sisters have agreed to put their differences to one side and go on holiday together.

But when they and their families arrive at the remote house they’ve rented in the south of France, they find a dead body in the swimming pool. The place is soon swarming with police, then reporters and photographers get hold of the story. Finally, the news spreads online, putting them at the centre of a media storm.

The sisters already have a fractious relationship, as do their teenage daughters, and both couples are hiding secrets that put their marriages under strain. Finding themselves trapped at a crime scene, anger and longstanding resentments come to the surface and any hope of the two families mending fences starts to fade…