Bookish Café Mysteries, Part 3

Story of a Murder

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Aimee Reid
Publish Date:05/28/2024
Run Time:5 Hours, 37 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Maggie’s estranged half-sister suddenly arrives in town. Angel has lived in a hippie commune for years. Now she’s escaped for mysterious reasons. Echo, Angel’s boyfriend, comes to Fair Haven looking for her. But shortly after, his dead body is found at the base of a bridge.

The last time Echo was seen was with Angel. Maggie knows Angel came home that night full of scuffs and scratches. Could she have killed Echo? In the meantime, the rest of the commune, The Great Society of Atonement, descends into town during the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of Fair Haven. These criminals in hippie clothing steal from small businesses, clash with the locals, and cause chaos wherever they go. The cult leader wants Angel back and will do whatever it takes to get her.

Trouble seems to follow Angel wherever she goes, but she is still Maggie’s little sister. Maggie must save Angel from being thrown in jail, getting kidnapped by a dangerous cult, or becoming another murder victim…