Once Upon a RomCom, Part 1

Cinder Luna

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Renee Dorian
Joe Jameson
Publish Date:05/27/2024
Run Time:6 Hours, 57 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Is Luna destined for a happily ever after, or is it “”game over”” for her love life?

Move to the adorable town of Brookhaven? Check.

Get bumped to first class on the train and meet the most gorgeous, considerate man of my life? Check.

Find a job in video game animation and a cozy apartment of my own? Not so much.

So maybe things in Brookhaven aren’t quite as idyllic as my friend promised. My one saving grace is playing video games every evening with my best online friend, MidKnight. Plus, helping him create his own video game helps me escape the drudgery of my demanding twin bosses and a dusty, cramped apartment.

It’s not long before our relationship turns from friendly to… a lot more personal.

Things get complicated when I run into the man from the train again. He couldn’t forget about me either, and he’s been searching for me. I can’t deny the intense physical attraction we have, but I feel like my heart is being pulled in two directions. But there are things that both guys don’t know about me.

Being brave isn’t my strong suit, but maybe it’s time to find some courage.

Cinder Luna is a sweet, kissing only, romantic comedy retelling of Cinderella with hidden identities and a swoony love story! Tropes include: slow burn, cinnamon roll MMC, instant attraction, hidden identities, girl next door.