Xiveri Mates, Part 5

Taken to Kor

Media Type:Audiobook
Science Fiction
Narrator(s):Joy Beharie
Curtis Michael Holland
Publish Date:05/14/2024
Run Time:8 Hours, 35 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


I thought he liked me. He’s been my only source of company for the past rotation that I’ve been held captive. But when he rejects me in front of everyone, I get the shrov out, determined to find humans on another satellite far far away from this mess that is my life.

Except I don’t exactly receive the warm homecoming I expect. Instead this homecoming is more of the dangerous stabby stabby variety . . . and to get out of the new mess I’ve found myself in, I might just need a space pirate’s help.

But what will I have to trade him for it?


Taken to Kor is the fifth book in the Xiveri Mates series! This is an adrenaline-filled romp through space with a four-armed alien and a plus-sized human heroine. Best read after the fourth book, this is a romance with lots of blasters and battles—and one where the villain gets the girl.