Pies Before Guys Mystery, Part 3

The Last to Pie

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Tanya Eby
Publish Date:05/21/2024
Run Time:9 Hours, 25 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Series narrator Tanya Eby returns to voice Daisy and the cast of characters, infusing the story with an infectious bubbliness despite the seriousness of the topics discussed. Recipes at the end of the novel provide a sweet finish to this murderous treat. Popp continues to delight with her latest entertaining and delicious cozy mystery. Series fans will be riveted as things become perilous for the book’s most unusual pie maker.” – Library Journal

“Tanya Eby returns for the third audiobook in the Pies Before Guys mystery series, featuring Daisy, a beloved baker. Eby’s extensive narration experience is clear as she brings Daisy and the people in her circle to life. She smoothly differentiates the characters, giving each a voice befitting their personality. Additionally, she captures the humor, warmth, and, at times, intensity of the story.” – Audiofile Magazine

Daisy Ellery is back to doing what she does best: making pies and killing guys. And it’s about to get more dangerous than ever. Daisy knows the statistic—domestic violence perpetrated by cops is rampant. It was only a matter of time before she was called in to help. But when this request arrives in her inbox, it isn’t accompanied by the required referral and that makes Daisy nervous. Is this really a woman trapped in a violent relationship, or is it a shady cop trying to uncover Daisy’s murdery side hustle?

Daisy hesitates to accept the job—until the woman who left the request goes missing and it’s clear her boyfriend is responsible. Knowing his work buddies won’t be any help investigating, Daisy sets out to find the woman and plans a little justice of her own. When Daisy finds evidence that the boyfriend wasn’t just a monster in private but corrupt at work too, things get even more perilous.

Feeling guilty that she hesitated to help the woman, Daisy is determined to find her and get her justice—whatever it takes.