Magic Fortune Cookie, Part 1

Ill-Fated Fortune

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Catherine Ho
Publish Date:04/09/2024
Run Time:8 Hours, 33 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Catherine Ho narrates the first book in the Magical Fortune Cookie series. Ho navigates listeners through the investigation while capturing Felicity’s constant fear of not fitting in. Nonetheless, listeners will hear Felicity’s strength and resolve as she confronts many suspects with her intellect and cunning. In addition, Ho portrays a budding relationship with awkward precision, a mother’s fierce protective instincts, and a wise relation’s calm and insight.” – Audiofile Magazine

Felicity Jin grew up literally hanging onto Mom’s apron strings in their magical bakery in the quaint town of Pixie, California. Her mother’s enchanted baked goods, including puffy pineapple buns and creamy egg tarts, bring instant joy to all who consume them. Felicity has always been hesitant in the kitchen herself after many failed attempts, but a takeout meal gone wrong inspires her to craft some handmade fortune cookies.

They become so popular that Felicity runs out of generic fortunes and starts making her own personalized predictions. When one customer’s ill-fated fortune results in his murder, Felicity’s suspiciously specific fortune has the police focusing on her as the main culprit. Now she must find a way to turn her luck around and get cleared from suspicion.