Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series

A Cupcake Bakery Mystery Bundle, Books 7-9

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Susan Boyce
Publish Date:03/26/2024
Run Time:22 Hours
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


This bundle includes books seven, eight, and nine of the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series.

Book 7: Dark Chocolate Demise
Fun turns to fright during the Old Town Zombie Walk when Mel finds a real dead body in a prop casket outside of the bakery’s truck. Knowing that Joe, Angie’s brother and Mel’s former flame, has been working on a dangerous mob case, Mel worries that the murder is a hit gone wrong and that someone near and dear was the real target. To keep her friends from winding up six feet under, Mel will do whatever it takes to find a killer—no matter how scary things get…

Book 8: Vanilla Beaned
Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are taking a gamble by opening their first franchise of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery, so where better to hit the jackpot than in Vegas? Business manager Tate Harper has lined up a meeting with Holly Hartzmark, a former showgirl who’s looking to bring their sweet treats to Sin City. But with a murderous mischief maker on the loose, the odds are stacking up against a happy ending for Mel and her friends…

Book 9: Caramel Crush
Love is in the air as Angie prepares for her wedding, but Mel is preparing for a breakup. Her old friend, Diane Earnest, is dumping her fiancé after discovering he’s only marrying her for her money. She wants Mel to personally deliver a batch of breakup cupcakes to the louse and give her a play-by-play of his reaction. When Mel tracks the man down, the look on his face isn’t the reaction she was expecting: he’s dead.